Webinar: The Right Fit – Alternative Pathways to Further and Higher Education

Date: Tuesday 6th December at 7pm

On this webinar we will explore the different educational routes available to childhood cancer survivors, providing a variety of options for young people to consider as they start to think about their lives beyond secondary school.

We know that our childhood cancer survivors live with long-term and late effects that can make traditional educational options difficult. They may have missed, or continue to miss, long periods of school. They may live with ongoing fatigue and other physical, emotional or cognitive issues.
At this time of year we hear a lot of talk about college choices and CAO forms but there are a huge number of options available to young people who may feel the university route is not the right one for them.
Our panel
  • Melíosa Bracken, Community Education Facilitator with City of Dublin ETB (CDETB) and parent of a childhood cancer survivor, who will guide us through these options.
  • Rory O’Sullivan, Principal of Killester and Marino College of Further Education
  • We’ll also be joined by Melíosa’s daughter Fletcher, now in their early 20s, who will share their experiences of finding the right fit.
This webinar is open to all but may be of particular interest to parents, young people in senior cycle and educators.
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