Childhood Cancer Foundation Ireland is here to help children, adolescents, young adults and their families at every step on the childhood cancer journey – from diagnosis and through treatment, through survivorship and into adulthood.

Childhood Cancer Foundation Ireland is here to help children, adolescents, young adults and their families at every step on the childhood cancer journey – from diagnosis and through treatment, through survivorship and into adulthood.


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Supporting Ireland’s fight against childhood cancer

Our Mission

Childhood Cancer Foundation is a charity founded by and led by parents of children with cancer.
Our mission is to achieve health justice for all children diagnosed with cancer in Ireland.

We want to ensure that more children survive childhood cancer and thrive as adults through early diagnosis, access to less toxic treatments and a holistic approach to support for survivors and their families, who are dealing with the long-term effects.


We provide dedicated support
services & information for…

Parents and Carers


If your child has recently been diagnosed with cancer, we understand the fear and powerlessness you are feeling. We have been where you are now, and we know that you are looking for useful information, but we also know that too much information can be overwhelming.

Young People

Young People

Adolescents and Young Adults (AYAs) have very specific concerns when they are diagnosed with cancer.
This is a time when you want to meet others and form close relationships. It’s a time when you want to focus on school, careers or starting families. 



 Leaving treatment is a time to celebrate but can also be an anxious time for patients and parents.
Living with childhood cancer is all-consuming – so what now? How do you go forward in this new life as a survivor?

“Supporting Ireland’s fight against childhood cancer”

6 children every week are diagnosed with cancer

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Who We Are

A helping hand is most appreciated

Your generosity has the power to improve the lives of children, adolescents and young adults with cancer and their families.

We help ease the burden of diagnosis and treatment on children and their families by providing practical and emotional supports for families at a very difficult time.

Upcoming Events

Moving from second to third level can be daunting for any student and parent, and it is even more so for childhood cancer survivors or adolescents and young adults who are undergoing treatment. No young person affected by childhood cancer is left unmarked by their journey and the treatments needed to save their lives. Many of our adolescents and young adults are dealing with long term and late effects, which may be physical, emotional or cognitive. This webinar aims to provide information and advice on moving through the senior cycle and moving onto higher and further education. We will look at DARE (Disability Access Route to Education) and find out how it applies to young people affected by childhood cancer and how to apply. We will also find out more about supports available in college and how to access them. Guests: Our guests are Lucy Cronly, a parent of a childhood cancer survivor. Lucy has over 30 years’ experience working in social care. Her son underwent treatment for childhood cancer from the age of 11-14 and has just started college. Lucy will share her experiences and advice on DARE and other supports. Dr Declan Reilly, Disability Officer with Trinity College Dublin, has been working in Trinity College since 2005. He has particular responsibility for providing evidence based supports for students as they settle into Trinity and advance their skills of independent learning and self-determination. Who should attend: This webinar is open to parents and students at any stage of education, but may be particularly of interest to those in senior cycle. Anyone working alongside adolescents and young adults affected by childhood cancer is also welcome to attend. Register: Please register in advance to attend this webinar:

24 Nov 2021

Childhood Cancer Foundation Ireland, CanCare4Living and CanTeen Ireland are joining forces to host an online conference on Saturday 11th September. Our organisations are advocates for children, adolescents & young adults who have/had cancer and for their families. We are delighted to be supported by the National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP), the Irish Cancer Society (ICS) and Children’s Health Ireland ([email protected]). The title of the conference is CAYAS – Childhood, Adolescent, Young Adult Cancers & Survivorship, the theme is Forward Together, and the CAYAS community's lived experience is central to the conversation. The aim of this conference is to bring together all those impacted by or involved in the CAYAS cancer community - including patients, survivors, families, carers, advocates, health care professionals, researchers and policy makers – all are welcome. When a project needs input and support from many different people, it’s said ‘it takes a village’ - we want to bring that village together to join the conversation and collaborate to benefit our CAYAS community. Register now for this free event now at

11 Sep 2021

We are delighted to bring you our Gold Ribbon Conversations podcast during Childhood Cancer Awareness month, exploring various aspects of childhood cancer with five guests. You’ll find Gold Ribbon Conversations wherever you listen to podcasts. Episode 1: Nikki Bradley Nikki was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer at the age of 16. Now as an adult she shares the impact of this adolescent diagnosis and treatment on her mental, emotional, physical and fertility health. Now as a motivational speaker Nikki has completed a number of physical challenges and champions the power of mindset. Episode 2: Sinead Wood Sinead’s son Cillian was diagnosed with lymphoma at the age of seven and has fought cancer for 3 years. He has just finished treatment and has a bright future ahead. But as we learn in this episode as treatment ends, suppressed emotions can begin to come to the surface. Episode 3: Cathy Bermingham Cathy’s son Max sadly passed away in 2019 at the age of eight, having been diagnosed with neuroblastoma when he was two. Cathay has been supported in her grief through connecting with other parents who understand loss and by celebrating the life of her little boy. Through this episode she hopes to now support other parents in their grief. Episode 4: Rebecca Walsh Rebecca is a Play Specialist in [email protected] and works with children and families through the medium of play to help them understand their diagnosis and treatment. Treatment of childhood cancer is more than just physical, children heal, grow, process and develop through the power of play. Episode 5: Dr Sarah Curry Sarah is a paediatric oncologist in [email protected], working with families and the medical team to ensure the best outcomes possible for children.

01 Sep 2021

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month. The gold ribbon is the international symbol of childhood cancer and is particularly visible during these times. Childhood Cancer Foundation Ireland was established by a group of parents, following a very successful Light it up Gold walk in Dublin in 2013 and we have continued to Light it up Gold every September since then. You can read more about the first Light it up Gold Walk here  Pre-Covid (and hopefully in the future again) we sold our beautiful gold ribbon pins in shopping centres around the country and many businesses support us, either with donations or by selling pins. You can buy our gold ribbon pins here  or, to request a box, email [email protected] Read more about our Gold Ribbon Heroes and Gold Ribbon Angels

01 Sep 2021