Childhood cancer charities join to create stronger voice for children and young people affected by childhood cancer and survivors  

National charity Childhood Cancer Foundation Ireland is to be joined by CanCare4Living, a charity for survivors of childhood cancer, under the new name Childhood Cancer Ireland.  

Together, the two organisations will continue to represent the voice of children, adolescents and young adults with cancer, survivors and their families as the national parent and survivor-led childhood cancer charity. 

Both charities have worked closely together for almost 10 years, having been founded and led by parents of children affected by childhood cancer. Childhood Cancer Ireland will continue to campaign for better supports and services for families and survivors, as well as better treatments and outcomes for children and young people, ensuring that their views and experiences are embedded in policy and practice.  

Mary-Claire Rennick, Voluntary Director of Childhood Cancer Ireland and founding member of Childhood Cancer Foundation Ireland: 

“We are delighted to be joined by CanCare4Living to create a unified and even stronger voice for everyone affected by childhood cancer. We know that many children and young people live with the long-term and late effects of the treatment that has saved their lives, which can impact their adolescent and adult lives in many challenging ways. We are therefore delighted that Childhood Cancer Ireland will reflect the life-long impact of childhood cancer – from diagnosis to treatment and into survivorship and adulthood. We will also work hard to respect and honour the memory of all children and young people whose lives have been tragically lost to cancer.” 

Patricia McColgan, Voluntary Director of Childhood Cancer Ireland and co-founder of CanCare4Living:  

Six children, adolescents and young adults are diagnosed with cancer each week in Ireland. We understand the powerlessness that they and their families can feel as they live with and beyond childhood cancer. We give voice to their experiences, ensuring that they inform practice and policy to make a real difference. Our vision is a future in which the voice of the lived experience of young people with cancer, survivors and their families is heard and represented at all levels of decision making.” 

Childhood Cancer Ireland is driven by a committed board of directors, the majority of whom have experience of childhood cancer in their families or are survivors. As a result, the charity has a unique insight into what is required to support families effectively. Childhood Cancer Ireland works closely and collaboratively with the National Children’s Cancer Service at Children’s Health Ireland (CHI) at Crumlin and other regional Shared Care hospitals, as well as key organisations, including the National Cancer Control Programme and the Irish Cancer Society to effect change.  

An average of 328 children, adolescents and young adults aged 0-24 are diagnosed with childhood cancer every year in Ireland.  

Denise Charlton, Chief Executive of the Community Foundation for Ireland, which supports charity mergers: 

“On behalf of The Community Foundation for Ireland and our donors I want to warmly congratulate all those involved in Childhood Cancer Ireland. A new chapter is certainly beginning. Listening to the voices and experience of children, teenagers and young adults living with and beyond cancer is essential to ensuring proper supports and services are in place. This newly formed organisation puts power behind those voices. As a Foundation we are thrilled to have played our part in turning this initiative into reality so it can help us all attain our shared mission of equality for all in thriving communities.” 


For more information contact Fionnuala Murphy, Childhood Cancer Ireland on 087 4116925 or [email protected] 

Editor’s Notes  

  • Childhood Cancer Ireland is a charity founded by and led by parents of children with cancer and of survivors of childhood cancer.  
  • Childhood Cancer Ireland combines two organisations – Childhood Cancer Foundation Ireland and CanCare4Living – which merged in 2022 to build a stronger and more collaborative approach to advocacy and supports for children, adolescents and young adults with cancer, survivors and their families.  
  • Childhood cancer includes children, adolescents and young adults aged 0 – 24 years in Ireland. 
  • An average of 328 children, adolescents and young adults are diagnosed with childhood cancer annually. [1] 
  • The most common types of childhood cancers include cancers of the blood (leukaemia and lymphoma), brain tumours and solid tumours, such as neuroblastoma and Wilms tumour. 
  • Childhood Cancer Ireland’s current key projects: 
    • National and international advocacy  
    • Peer-to-peer support 
    • Funding towards Play Services on St. John’s Day Ward, Children’s Health Ireland at Crumlin.  
    • Brought the Beads of Courage® Haematology/Oncology Programme to Ireland and continue to fund it.  
    • Refurbishment of paediatric oncology isolation rooms/treatment rooms in 16 shared care hospitals around the country.  
    • Support parents and survivors participation in National & European educational conferences & events 

[1] National Cancer Registry Ireland