Families facing a childhood cancer diagnosis to benefit from LIA / Childhood Cancer Ireland partnership 

Across Ireland an average of 369 children and young adults aged 0-24 are newly diagnosed with childhood cancer every year. This equates to nine families receiving a devastating diagnosis of childhood cancer every week. While the families primary focus is on the treatment and recovery of their child, significant additional stresses are brought about by the financial impacts resulting from the need to treat and care for their child, including medical, counselling, physiotherapy and other related costs, together with the potential loss of one parents income as they care for their child. 

With this in mind, and to coincide with International Childhood Cancer Day on February 15th, LIA is announcing details of a unique partnership being launched with Childhood Cancer Ireland, that will see LIA members volunteer their financial expertise, as part of their Gold Ribbon Volunteering Programme. This initiative matches the specialised financial planning and advisory skills of LIA members with the needs of families grappling with the financial challenges that a diagnosis of childhood cancer brings.  It aims to make a meaningful impact to the financial position of families affected by childhood cancer, through expert financial guidance and support, provided by LIA volunteers.  

Laura Cullinan, CEO of Childhood Cancer Ireland, explained the financial implications on affected families:  

A diagnosis of cancer in a child often leads to a reduction in the family’s average income due to the loss of one income earner’s contribution. Although cancer treatments for young patients are provided at no cost in Ireland, these families still encounter substantial additional expenses including medications, counselling, play therapy, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy, placing a considerable financial burden on them.” 

LIA, recognised as the centre of excellence for the education and development of Finance Professionals, has recognised these financial strains. Through this new partnership, LIA members holding the QFA or CFP ®professional designations, can volunteer to either provide critical financial planning advice and support to families in need to help them better manage their financial situation during and after treatment; or to participate as a speaker at any number of regional parent and survivor workshops to share their knowledge and expertise. 

Joanne Keane, CEO & Executive Director of LIA, said:  

“We have chosen to join forces with Childhood Cancer Ireland because of their unwavering commitment to improving the lives of children and families affected by cancer. LIA’s community of members, as qualified financial planners and advisors, are ideally equipped to ease the burden placed on affected families, by giving up their time, on a voluntary basis, to assist them navigate the financial challenges that arise and to support them, so that they can look forward to a financially secure future. Together, we are not just forging a partnership but transforming financial expertise into a lifeline for families, and lighting the path to a more secure and hopeful future for families of children battling cancer. 

Childhood Cancer Ireland, founded in 2013, is the national parent and survivor-led charity representing the voice of children and young people with cancer, survivors and their families. Helping to ease the burden of diagnosis and treatment on children and their families, Childhood Cancer Ireland provides practical and emotional support throughout the journey. 

CEO Laura Cullinan concluded:  

“This collaboration is more than a partnership; it’s a shared vision to touch lives, inspire change, and foster a community where expertise meets empathy in the most impactful way; and we are grateful to LIA for sharing the vision to make this a reality.”  

For more information about LIA, visit www.lia.ie; and to find out about the supports available from Childhood Cancer Ireland, visit childhoodcancer.ie